Comrades! We are Tasty Grapes. And we think it is time for a revolution. The wine world has been dictated by tradition for years. It’s time for a little change. It is time for you to discover your wine preference. Not based on the advice of the wine store, a rating in an app or the price, but based on your own taste. And you can only develop that by tasting, tasting and more tasting.

Join the wine revolution and we’ll help you out!

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Red versus White

Are you crazy about wine and finding it hard to choose between red or white? Why not drink a glass of everything! The wonderous world of wine is infinite, so why limit yourself? At Tasty Grapes, we’ve made a selection of reds and whites from various countries, from Italy to New Zealand. So that you can taste and try them all. Discover what you like. And what you don’t like.

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Revolutionary Red

Don’t you just love a glass of red wine? Do you prefer a wine that’s light and juicy or spicy and full-bodied? Tasty Grapes has made a flavorous selection of red wine, to help you discover your favourite. From the foot of the Andes Mountains to the heel of Italy’s boot, and from the classic Bordeaux to the heart of South Africa. Discover surprising wines from the Old World and the New World, combined in one tasting box.

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Wonderful White

A refreshing glass of white wine. Light and fruity. Or smooth and full-bodied. Do you know which wine you like best? To help you develop your palate, Tasty Grapes has made a wide selection for you. From sunny California to the medieval villages of Burgundy, and from the rugged Northern Italy to the green grasslands of New Zealand. Discover surprising wines from the Old World and the New World, combined in one tasting box.

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Chocolate Alliance

Wine has many allies. Cheese, meat, fish, vegetables, pasta. But sometimes you crave something sweet. And we’re not talking about the wine. At Tasty Grapes we love chocolate. And wine of course. So, obviously we combined the two. Rebellious? No, not at all! Wine and chocolate are also a well-known combination in the classic wine world. But if that weren’t the case, don’t think it would have stopped us from making this tasting box… Don’t worry about which truffle goes with which wine. Discover what you like and above all; enjoy!

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About us 1

We are
Tasty Grapes.

Get rid of those bottles of wine that you only buy because you like the label. Or that one wine that you have been bringing home for years. Stop ordering 'Sauvignon Blanc' (or [enter a wine of your choice here]), because you don't know what the other options are. We are going to re-educate you. Step by step, glass by glass. Not by telling you which wines you should like or which wine is 'good', but by letting you develop your own taste.

We bottle wines from all over the world and combine them in our tasting boxes, so that you can taste something new every time. One glass at a time. Do you like it? Great, from now on you will know which bottle to order. You don’t? On to the next!
Don't drink wine. Taste wine.

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