We are Tasty Grapes

Wine: best invention ever. But… the wine world has been way too traditional for too long. We are Tasty Grapes and we are starting a vinolution. We are focussed on you. Because only you should decide which wine you like. With our tasting boxes, you can discover and taste exciting wines from all over the world. And now for the brilliant part of our mission … all wines are bottled by the glass. This way you can easily enjoy different wines and find out what you really like.

Get rid of those bottles of wine that you only buy because you like the label. Or that one wine that you have been bringing home for years. Stop ordering ‘Sauvignon Blanc’ (or [enter a wine of your choice here]), because you don’t know what the other options are. We are going to re-educate you. Step by step, glass by glass. Not by telling you which wines you should like or which wine is ‘good’, but by letting you develop your own taste. We bottle wines from all over the world and combine them in our tasting boxes, so that you can taste something new every time. One glass at a time. Do you like it? Great, from now on you will know which bottle to order. You don’t? On to the next! 

We are here for rookies, wine lovers, wine experts and everything in between, from soldier (18+) to veteran. So, comrade, are you joining the revolution?

Don’t drink wine. Taste Wine.

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